G.S.P.V. de Ramenlappers

Welcome to the website of the very first student padel association in the Netherlands: G.S.P.V. de Ramenlappers. Since May 2019 the 50th association of the ACLO. The association was founded to enable training/competition/social activities for all Groningen students and to further promote the sport of padel.

The board consists of six students with different sports backgrounds who have become incredibly enthusiastic about padel. We would like to transfer this enthusiasm to as many other students as possible. Padel is a social sport, you play in doubles and often in teams. These social aspects are very important to us. We strive for an open culture, where everyone dares to approach each other for a game of padel.

What does the association have to offer?

  • Training: 4 blocks per year (according to college schedule).
  • Competition: spring competition, summer competition and fall competition.
  • Events: activities, drinks, sparringdays and a padel trip.

Training will be offered throughout the year and will be divided into 4 periods, so even if you can't attend a certain period, you can easily join at another time. There is also the possibility to participate in three types of competitions, all at your own level. In short, G.S.P.V. de Ramenlappers has enough to offer for every lover of this fast growing sport.

For only 35 euros membership fee you are a member of this fun association for the whole academic year. We also have a semester membership, for 1 semester you pay 25 euros. So sign up quickly and become a real Ramenlapper!


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